International Baccalaureate Organization 

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) was founded in 1968 to provide international standards to education. The IBO currently offers three programs: 
* The Primary Years Programme
* The Middle Years Programme
* The Diploma Programme

The original purpose of these programs was to create a standardized curriculum that would allow students to transfer internationally without losing academic continuity. In addition, a focus on developing critical thinking, multicultural understanding and participation in service outside the academic arena enhances the entire program.

IB Diploma Programme
  • The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive liberal arts program for high school juniors and seniors who are motivated and desire a rigorous college preparatory education. In addition to academic study in 6 curriculum areas, the Diploma Programme centers around 3 unique core requirements. Assessment takes place over two years and culminates with final assessments in each subject. The Diploma Programme fosters global understanding, critical thinking, communication and an appreciation of cultural diversity.