Program Overview

Created for students who are motivated and desire a rigorous college preparatory education, the IB program includes academic study in six curriculum areas, including English, World Languages, Arts, Sciences, Social Studies and Math and Computer Sciences. In addition to these six core curriculum areas, the IB program centers around three unique core requirement:

1. Extended Essay - independent research to develop critical thinking.

2. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) - a course that explores the nature of knowledge and the relationship between disciplines.

3. Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) - 150 hours of creativity, action and service to others is required.

Bosse's IB program is one of only 22 in the state of Indiana and one of over 3,000 in the world. It gives students a foundation in collegiate liberal arts preparatory classes, a global view of the world and an opportunity for advanced college placements. In addition, only schools approved by the IB organization may offer the program. 

The IB program is open to any junior or senior student in the Evansville area and bus transportation is available for current EVSC students.