Group 5

Mathematics SL

This course is taught over 2 years and meets the IB requirements of a Standard Level course.  The first year is designated Math S1IB and the second as Math S2 IB.

The Mathematics SL course is designed to develop an appreciation and understanding of mathematics beyond algebra and geometry.  This 2-year course includes topics from Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and AP Calculus.  Students will connect prior knowledge to new content while expanding their problem solving skills and logical thinking.  Introduction of material will include a focus on the cultural aspect of mathematicians, mathematical discoveries, and differences in notation and vocabulary.  Students will be expected to use appropriate notation, terminology, and problem solving skills including a variety of methods from analytical to technological.  Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of assessments including portfolio tasks, paper/pencil tests, and assignments.  The external assessment, as prescribed by the International Baccalaureate Organization, will be administered at the culmination of the 2-year course.

Mathematical Studies SL

Math Studies SL follows the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme curriculum requirements for this standard level course (minimum 150 hours of instruction).  Topics included during this full year course will include: Statistics, Probability, Financial Mathematics, Trigonometry, and Set Theory, in addition to further study of select topics from Algebra II.   Significant time is devoted to understanding the connections between math topics and their varied uses in a variety of professional fields.  In addition to traditional assignments, quizzes and tests, students will be required to complete one major project that demonstrates their knowledge of multiple math concepts.  An external assessment is given at the end of the course and is required for students who want Math Studies to count as one of the additional requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma.