Group 4

 Biology HL

This course is a 2 year course that meets the IB requirements of 240 hours of instruction. 

The first year, identified as Biology SL, is a survey of biology topics, including biochemistry, cytology, molecular and applied genetics, organism diversity, human anatomy and health, and ecology. In addition to mastering the content in preparation for the required IB Biology examination, students will participate in a rigorous practical program of laboratory activities. Students in this course will participate in a 10-hour project with all IB science students in addition to the regular program of practical study.

The second year, identified as Biology HL, builds on basic biology concepts, developing a strong foundational understanding of the nature of science.  Students will learn to be the scientist, creating, designing and implementing research that is student led. Additionally, students will use a variety of professional-level oral, verbal and written presentations.  Topics include:  cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, ecology, evolution and human health and physiology.

Chemistry SL (new in 2013)

IB Chemistry SL will provide a depth of understanding of fundamentals and an appreciation of the essential principles of chemistry.  Topics addressed will be quantitative chemistry, periodicity, kinetics and modern analytical chemistry.  Students will further develop their ability to analyze, evaluate and synthesize scientific information.

Sports Exercise and Health Science SL (new in 2013)

Sports Exercise and Health Science SL involves the study of science that underpins physical performance and provides opportunity to apply these principles.  This course incorporates anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition, which are studied in the context of sport, exercise and health.