Group 3

History of the Americas HL

This course is a 2 year course that meets the IB requirements of 240 hours of instruction. 

IB History HL is a college preparation course with intense focus on topics in History.  This is not a survey course.  This course will focus on History of the Americas and 20th Century Topics.  Students will learn to analyze and evaluate sources through class work and their Internal Assessment.  Students will become Historians.

Information Technology in a Global Society SL

Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) is the study and evaluation of the impact of information technology (IT) on individuals and society.  In ITGS, students examine the social significance and ethical considerations arising from information technology and how these issues influence individuals, communities, nations, and organizations. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the use of digitized information at the local and global level. ITGS provides a framework for the student to make informed judgments and decisions about the use of IT within social contexts. In addition students will be involved in examining and evaluating existing New Media projects, gaining hands-on experience through a series of practical skills-building tasks, and planning and creating meaningful, authentic final projects.