Group 6

Music SL (HL also available)

(Students enrolled in either course are required to take the prerequisite-Music Theory.)

IB Music SL will give students the opportunity to enjoy and understand the diversity of world music.  This course will provide student the concepts necessary to develop perceptual skills that will in turn allow them to better recognize, analyze, and identify musical aspects of various pieces of work. Through performance and composition, the students will be able to use their creativity to increase their knowledge, understanding, and musical abilities.  Students will be introduced to appropriate musical language and terminology and will be required to use this enhanced understanding of music in relation to time and place.

Visual Arts SL (new in 2013)

Visual Arts SL enables students to learn about themselves and others through individual and collaborative engagement with the visual arts. Students will be introduced to art concepts, criticism and analysis, acquisition of studio technical and media skills, and relation of art to sociocultural and historical contexts. This course is for the specialist visual arts student with creative and imaginative abilities, who may pursue the visual arts at university or college level. It consists of two compulsory parts: studio work—the practical exploration and artistic production; and research workbooks—independent critical research and analysis, visual and written, in more than one culture.