Group 1

English Literature HL

This course is a two-year course that meets the IB requirements of 240 hours of instruction. 

 The IB English Literature course develops understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism and promotes the ability to form independent literary judgments. In literature, the formal analysis of texts and wide coverage of a variety of literature—both in the language of the subject and in translated texts from other cultural domains—are combined with a study of the way literary conventions shape responses to texts. Students completing this course will have a thorough knowledge of texts that cover a wide range of time periods and literary genres including novels, poems, and plays. They will also have developed skills of analysis and the ability to support an argument in clearly expressed writing. Students will appreciate the artistry of literature and develop an ability to reflect critically on their reading with an emphasis on literary style, devices, form, techniques, motifs, diction, and themes.  Students will demonstrate their ability to provide literary commentary about prose, poetry, and novels, both in written form and in presentations. IB English Literature requires a variety of internal and external written and oral assessments, which will begin in the junior year and conclude during the senior year. The course assumes that literature is concerned with ideas, interpretations and experiences, and the study of such allows us to better understand the total human experience.